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Samsung & Microsoft Partnership on the HoloLens?

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Microsoft unveiled the HoloLens at its latest //build/ developers conference. Needless to say, it is quite impressive. The demonstration made the audience aware of what the HoloLens is capable of, but Microsoft has kept the lid shut on the hardware details. During the presentation, Microsoft offered a few insights into what lies beneath the casing of this augmented reality futuristic headset.

We have seen Virtual Reality headsets from Oculus(Facebook), Valve, LG, etc., but unlike most, Microsoft is using a see through lense to allow the user to see the rest of a room or the environment that they are in. This allows the user and the HoloLens to interacting with your surrounding environment, very similar to the way Google’s Glass is setup. The HoloLens uses a combination of spatial sound and sensors in the headset to capture information about the environment that the user is in. What is Spatial sound? Spatial sound works by using binaural audio, to make sounds appear like they’re being transmitted from behind you or from anywhere in the environment you’re situated in. Very like Google Glass, there is a video camera placed in the HoloLens headset to enable you to take photos or capture video.

Craig EllisSamsung & Microsoft Partnership on the HoloLens?
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E3 – 2015 – TOP 10 REVEALS FROM E3

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The stages were set in Los Angeles with the big reveals from the video game show E3 coming thick and fast, but things haven’t even officially started yet.

We got to see a host of games that were highly anticipated but we also saw many more that we didn’t expect, such as the return of fan-favorite games that we thought were long gone and dead, while also seeing the future technologies for the first time being used.

There is a wide range of games to get us all excited for the upcoming months, and here below are just some of the items that blew my mind.

Minecraft with Microsoft HoloLens


Craig EllisE3 – 2015 – TOP 10 REVEALS FROM E3
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