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sales motivation guide

Sales Motivation Tips & Tricks

As a Sales leader/manager, you want your salespeople to be motivated about their sales goals, to work towards their goals and the company goal, and to go the extra mile to reach beyond these goals. You also want them to be motivated about their overall performance on an ongoing basis. The hard part is identifying

Gaming - Custom Built PC Desk battlestation

How to build a Gaming PC?

How to build a Gaming PC? Looking to build an awesome Gaming PC, there are two options on how to go about it. 1. Pay someone else to build it for you. You get the relief to know your hardware is guaranteed to work from the moment you take it out of the box. If

Whiskey Collection - Craigschlager

How to start a Whiskey Collection

Looking to start a Whiskey Collection? A few simple steps on how to start and for people at different levels. If you know what you are doing, the right bottles purchased at retail will almost always increase in value over time, and increase your whiskey collection. There’s little return on leaving your money in the

leadership grow model

The GROW model – Coaching

I’ve been contemplating doing a Management or Coaching course the past few months and the first thing I did to investigate a good leadership course was taking myself to Google. Once there, I typed “Leadership Training” where you’ll find over 100 million results, academic papers, programs, management training series, white papers, leadership “gurus”, articles, resources

Generosity Burnout

Generosity Burnout – Selflessness Exhaustion The act of selflessness at work leads to exhaustion,  it also often hurts the very people you want to help. I’ve put together a few ways in which you can share your time and expertise more effectively to avoid generosity burnout.

freelancer from anywhere

Freelancer the rise of a new generation

The freelancer is changing the playbook Being a freelancer is not just doing your 9-5 job from home, there is a lot more to it. Your standard 9-5 job is falling in percentage as the most common type of job schedule. As the new breed of tech-savvy individuals emerge from universities and into the workforce. This new breed

Access Earth re-creates Google Maps

Access Earth Irish Start-Up goes live Access Earth to change the lives of people with disabilities, for the travel, food and hotel industries. Matt McCann went to London hearing all the great stories from his friends of the people and the areas to visit etc. Upon arrival, his hotel that he booked was not exactly

6 Ways to improve your Content Strategy

What is it that makes a great content strategy? Before you launch your next campaign, this is very likely a question you will ask yourself. You must first consider the larger aspects of content strategy, even before you begin to type, research the topics and let it be your guide. In the digital world today

Google Tone – Share the Way you Speak

Google Tone – Sharing through Sound Google has always had a cool persona, and it’s latest experiment might be the coolest Google Chrome extension anyone has seen yet. By using the power of sound, Google Tone, the company’s newest homegrown browser add-on, quickly shares URLs with anyone else nearby. The extension is available now to

Samsung & Microsoft Partnership on the HoloLens?

Microsoft unveiled the HoloLens at its latest //build/ developers conference. Needless to say, it is quite impressive. The demonstration made the audience aware of what the HoloLens is capable of, but Microsoft has kept the lid shut on the hardware details. During the presentation, Microsoft offered a few insights into what lies beneath the casing